The Pricks – Destroy High Society

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The Pricks – Destroy High Society
Label: Hard-On Records
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
A1 - Rip Us Off     
A2  - Bag Full Of Bullshit     
A3  - 555-Moron     
A4  - Twenty One     
A5  - Grow Up     
A6  - I Don’t Wanna Play This     
A7  - Bad Grades     
A8  - Fuckface     
A9  - Leave Me Alone     
B1  - List Of...     
B2  - First Press Only     
B3  - Commercial Sucks     
B4  - Destroy High Society     
B5  - Wrong Way     
B6  - One Two     
B7  - Hothead     
B8  - Get Rid Of You