The Queers – Save The World

Striped Records

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The Queers – Save The World
Label: Striped Records
Format: Vinyl, LP (Coloured)
A1 - Attack Of The Five Foot Bitch     
A2  - Shirley Needs A Dildo     
A3  - Shit For Brains     
A4  - My Heart’s In The Right Place     
A5  - Cheeto In A Speedo Eating A Burrito     
A6  - Young Dumb And Into Iron Maiden     
A7  - Fanculo A Tutti     
A8  - If I Had A Girl Like You     
B1  - Hong Fucking Kong     
B2  - White Power Feud In Atlanta     
B3  - Bubblegum Girl     
B4  - Let The Rain Wash Away My Tears     
B5  - Leave That Girl Alone     
B6  - Nightmare To Deal With     
B7  - We Love Our Fans