The Ready-mades – Cut And Run

Soundflat Records

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The Ready-mades – Cut And Run
Label: Soundflat Records
Format: Vinyl, 7”, EP

A1 - Cut And Run  
A2 - Baleine Ou Cigogne  
B1 - Les Oublier  
B2 - Finding My Way  

After JEFF HERSHEY & THE HEARTBEATS, this time from France, here comes the second release on SOUNDFLAT RECORDS going in the more soulish direction: THE READY-MADES are a brandnew Soul-/Beat-quintet from Paris fronted by an outstanding female singer! You have a brilliant musical arrangement with saxophone, guitar, bass, bongos and soft, rhythmic drums accompanying a breathtaking, strong voice. The sound is authentically 60s and guided by R&B-, Soul- and Northern-Soul-artists such as ETTA JAMES, BIG MAYBELLE or THE RONETTES but also has a great deal of 60s French Beat in it. You can hear the influence by CLOTILDE, LARRY GRECO or SYLVIE VARTAN. Their debut single contains four high-class soul-songs, two of them sung in English and the other two in French. They will definitely win you over from the first second! The first song 'Cut And Run' is a melodic, uptempo-song - an absolute hit with a groovy saxophone and a great, danceable rhythm. A song that makes you listen to it over and over again! The second song 'Baleine ou Cigogne' has a slightly darker and more dramatic, jazzy side to it. Think a female, French version of NICK WATERHOUSE that will leave you with goosebumps all over! The B-side starts with the powerful and loud 'Les Oublier' that may remind you of the British DERRIERE or the Spanish EXCITEMENTS. The 7' is topped off with the soft Northern Soul-piece 'Finding My Way', that has a beautiful and authentic sound you'll just have to fall in love with! This 7', covered in a beautiful cover-artwork, has everything your soul may desire: fantastic songwriting, highly talented musicians and a charismatic lead singer with a great female soul-voice!