The Satelliters – Outta Here!!

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The Satelliters – Outta Here!!
Label: Soundflat Records
Format: Vinyl, LP,

A1 - Outta Here  
A2 - Can’t Get It  
A3 - Waste Of Time  
A4 - Seeing Is Believing  
A5 - Get It Out  
A6 - Leave My House  
B1 - Lost In Time  
B2 - Walk Through That Door  
B3 - Turn My Way  
B4 - Time Will Tell  
B5 - Eyes Cry Tears  
B6 - Count No More  

THE SATELLITERS are known as Garage band with a 60s fuzz sound now since 1993; these four gifted guys have delivered some of the finest modern garage rock albums on renowned labels such as the US Garage cult label DIONYSUS RECORDS and SCREAMING APPLE – they also released a 7’’ on SOUNDFLAT RECORDS. Their distinctive organ-driven sound together with the strong vocals have won over a large fanbase and now they present us with their new album OUTTA HERE.

The albumoffers an archetypal and authentic Garage sound that might just as well have been recorded in the 1960s. Compared to their previous two albums, the record is a little bit more back to the roots and thereby perfect for any lover of 60s Garage Punk and fuzz guitars.

The album starts off with the ingenious and catchy song “Outta Here”, which is followed by several wild Garage pieces, as usual fittingly accompanied by organ that reaches its climax in the masterpiece “Lost in Time”. Their cover version of THE MODDS’ “Leave my House” has a bit more beat to it than the original and needless to say, bears the unmistakable SATELLITERS vocals. The song “Waste of Time” reminds one a lot of bands like THE MUSIC MACHINE, while “Eyes cry Tears” could be best compared to THE MIRACLE

WORKERS. “Seeing is Believing” is a slightly more quiet midtempo song which fits very well within the twelve songs.