The Smoggers – Shadows In My Mind

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The Smoggers – Shadows In My Mind
Label: Soundflat Records
Format:Vinyl, LP,

A1 - Why  
A2 - I Don’t Want Your Lies  
A3 - Dementia 13  
A4 - Garage Woman  
A5 - Cavegirls Don’t Like Your Taste  
A6 - Psychotic Dreams  
B1 - Happybilly Never After  
B2 - Es Por Ti  
B3 - Unknown Song  
B4 - I Got You Baby  
B5 - Shadows In My Mind  

The amazing cover artwork already gives away what is inside: ’Shadows In My Mind’ is pure garage-punk filled with a heavy fuzzguitar, a frantic organ and screeching vocals. The record contains 11 songs, all of which are self-composed, except for one cover version of the Gruesomes’ ’Dementia 13’. Prepare yourself for some catchy punk-rock songs such as ’I Don’t Want Your Lies’, wild songs like ’Es Por Ti’, which sounds a lot like Las Aspiradoras or Wau Y Los Arrrghs!!!, and with ’Happibilly Never After’ the band also included a dark
instrumental piece, of which the spooky organ reminds of The Fuzztones. This gal and three dudes from Spain have that spot-on wild, longhaired, bone-necklace-wearing garagepunk-look which perfectly matches their primitive ’60s garage-punk sound.

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