TOMBOYS - Here we come! The Tomboys!

Soundflat Records

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TOMBOYS - Here we come! The Tomboys!
Label: Soundflat Records
Format: Vinyl, LP

1. Theme Of The Tomboys
2. Donut!
3. Go Merry Go!
4. Saturday Night
5. Vacation
6. To Mr. Valentine
7. Fruit Candy
8. Ring Me
9. Please Remember Me
10. Koi No Deal 6700
11. Help Me Somebody
12. The Wild One
13. It’s All Happening
14. Tell Me Why

The Tomboys are a young 4-piece girl band from Kobe, Japan that take classic rock mood and style and mash it up with modern-day pop music in a delightfully-sweet powerpop-way that is taking Japan by storm and soon will take over the whole world! Their debut-LP ’Here We Come! The Tomboys!’ is not only covered in some very eyecatching artwork, but its sound is equally catching! The ’Theme Of The Tomboys’ already summarizes very well what these four girls are all about - fun garage-poppunk- rock’n’roll with girly squeaky vocals and some crazy Japanese elements. A combination that is absolutely fun to listen to and highly addictive. ’Go Merry Go!’ is like a fun rock’n’roll party with punky guitar-sounds and a catchy melody, while ’Saturday Night’ sounds like a Japanese girly version of THE RAMONES, so you simply have to love these girls’ straightforward sound! ’Vacation’ comes across as a cool, rocking song, that reminds one a little of the Japanese beat-kings THE NEATBEATS here and there, and’Ring Me’ is a fun pop-punk-tune that is absolutely catchy, just like the rest of this album. With ’Fruit Candy’ and ’Koi No Deal 6700’ they added two songs with Japanese vocals. Don’t miss out on this fantastic LP that has conveys an immense portion of energy, fun and Japanese craziness!!