VA: The Moon Was Full And So Was I… LP

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VA: The Moon Was Full And So Was I… LP
Label: Chaputa Records
Format:Vinyl, LP
Side A
1 - You Keep Running – The Blindshag
2 - I Have To Go – The Blindshag
3 - It Is Time – The Maggots
4 - She Fooled Me – The Maggots
5 - Turned Down Once Again – The Maharajas
6 - We Spend Our Time – The Maharajas
7 - Hold Your Horses – The Freinds
8 - That’s The Price – The Freinds
9 - Poisoned My Life – The Blindshag

Side B
1 - It Won’t Last Forever – The Infidels
2 - One More Chance – The Infidels
3 - Hear My Words – The Blindshag
4 - Cry (Over Her) – The Blindshag
5 - Go Your Way – The Cliffhangers
6 - What A Girl Can’t Do – The Cliffhangers
7 - Trip Me Up – The Freinds
8 - Never Had It Never Will – The Freinds
9 - Boss Hoss – The Blindshag

Notorious garagerock maniac Jens Lindberg brings you some of his most obscure and mostly unreleased tracks that he and his friends recorded during the turbulent 90’s decade. Those 18 songs gives you a roller coaster ride from a forgotten part of his career. Featuring: The Blindshag, The Maggots, The Maharajas, The Freinds, The Infidels and The Cliffhanger. Each LP comes with an insert featuring photos and notes by Jens Lindberg himself, giving fans an intimate look into the inspiration behind the music. Limited edition release with artwork by Hollywood Guthrie available in only 500 black vinyl copies. Now dig this!