Various – 2020 - Celebrating 20 Years Of Stardumb Records

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Various – 2020 - Celebrating 20 Years Of Stardumb Records
Label: Stardumb Records
Format: 2 × Vinyl, LP, Compilation
A1 –Lone Wolf - Run From Love
A2 –Sonic Dolls - She Wasn’t Lying    
A3 –Geoff Palmer - The Beast With Five Hands    
A4 –Kurt Baker Combo - Wayna
A5 –Starter Jackets - Say Goodbye To Your Generation
A6 –Mikey Erg - In A Letter Never Sent
A7 –Lucy and The Zatopeks     The Right Thing
B1 –Travoltas     I Like Murder Too
B2 –The Creeps - Falling Apart    
B3 –The Peawees - I Wanna Dance With You    
B4 –The Windowsill - Too Late    
B5 –Stefan Eno & The I-Society - Angry Dolls    
B6 –The 20Belows - City Lights    
B7 –Even In Blackouts - Blame Game    
C1 –DeeCracks - I’m About To Crack    
C2 –Melted - Bullet From The Sky    
C3 –Four Lights - Cause You Don’t Know Me    
C4 –The Favorats - I Hate Guys With Girlfriends    
C5 –Kepi Ghoulie - Ultrahigh    
C6 –Lucy And The Rats - The Summer I Fell In Love With Sebby    
C7 –More Kicks - Born To Run    
D1 –Local Drags - Make You Mine    
D2 –The Jerry Hormone Ego Trip - Laat Me Met Rust    
D3 –The Manges - By My Side    
D4 –Parasites     You Don’t Know Me Anymore    
D5 –K7s - Radio (She Turns On Her)    
D6 –The Apers - Back To The City    
D7 –The Priceduifkes - Who Gives A Fuck / Marky Wears A Wig / I Only Like Rock N Roll