White Flag – T Is For 20

Soundflat Records

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White Flag – T Is For 20
Label: Soundflat Records
Format: Vinyl, LP, Compilation
A1 - R.A.T.M.A.C.P.
A2  - Instant Breakfast
A3  - Face Down
A4  - Andi’s Island
A5  - Hot Rails To Hell
A6  - He’s A Whore
A7  - Everything Means Nothing
A8  - Festliche Gestalten Fordern Snidely Whiplash Heraus
A9  - Mirror, Mirror     
A10  - Shattered Badge
A11  - Flaming Halos
A12  - White Flag (Original Demo)
B1  - Song For Dee Dee
B2  - Wuthering Heights
B3  - Call On Me
B4  - Demolition Girl
B5  - I Fell Fine
B6  - En La Ciudad
B7  - A Moment Of Silence (Original Version)
B8  - Jungle
B9  - Cheze