Superfly T.N.T.'s - No Talent? No Hits!!

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Format: LP,Album

A1. I Can't Stand It
A2. Bag Of Nerves
A3. Minor Irritation
A4. (She's A) Write Off
A5. Seventh Son
A6. Drive Me Crazy
A7. (You Got Me) Dead Beat
A8. Where Were You?
A9. Bad, Bad Time
A10. Supercharged
A11. Body Space Invader
A12. It's A Crime
A13. I Don't Mind
A14. (Hey! Hey!!) We're Thru
B1. I Can't Stand It
B2. Bag Of Nerves
B3. Minor Irritation
B4. (She's A) Write Off
B5. Seventh Son
B6. Drive Me Crazy
B7. (You Got Me) Dead Beat
B8. Where Were You?
B9. Bad, Bad Time
B10. Supercharged
B11. Body Space Invader
B12. It's A Crime
B13. I Don't Mind
B14. (Hey! Hey!!) We're Thru

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